• Identify which node is assigned to which Windows credentials

    As of now we only have the count of nodes associated to the Windows credentials (Settings->Manage Windows Credentails) in Solarwinds , there is no straight forward way to identify which node is assigned to which cr...
    Vinay BY
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  • Ability to Edit Tab Names

    Open for Voting
    8 votes
    I have several customers that would like to completely customize the SolarWinds website.  We have helped them create custom views and can add those views to the menu bar, but it is not possible to remove or add n...
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  • Daily Config archive export error

    Hello,   Ever since upgrading to Network Configuration Manager v7.2.2, my daily config archive isn't working.   I get the following in my emailed report:     Exporting to //Server1/NASShare/NCM ...
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  • VoIP licensed phones limit exceeded event removal

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    5 votes
    Hi,   I would like to be able to remove the "VoIP licensed phones limit exceeded" from events. it is spamming the event log.   thanks,
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  • Gamers

    On the back of the recent gamers poll, I wanted to see what people think of the difference between COD and Battlefield, which one do people think is the better franchise
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  • Still using Windows Server 2003?

    I know everyone is probably aware of windows XP being end of life now and have migrated off of it hopefully or at least have plans to do so, but what about your older server infrastructure? Windows Server 2003 is set ...
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  • Too Many Tools

    I'll make an assumption: if you're a Thwack user and you're reading this post, you've got an interest in systems and applications monitoring. Or maybe you just really want those points. Or that Jambox. Whatever's cool...
    michael stump
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  • Rise of the Hybrid Engineer

    Last week, we had a great conversation on finger-pointing, and some of you shared real-world advice on how to avoid it. Most of the comments described a work environment that was still tied to the stove-piped organiza...
    michael stump
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  • Cisco Nexus Serial number

    We are trying to find a way to pull the serial number for Cisco Nexus 5548 devices as well as other Nexus products via SNMP.  NCM currently uses the entity mib to pull serial numbers and this doesn't work on Nexu...
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  • Is Bandwidth Analyzer Pack a product on its own?

    Hello Thwackers,   I need to know if Bandwidth Analyzer Pack is a standalone product or if it comes bundle with other products? Urgent answer required.
    created by miseri
  • Linux script in Alert Action

    Hi,   Is there a option to trigger a linux script in alert action when a condition matches. For example we need to kill one process in a linux server if it gets triggered at some situations.   Regards, N...
    created by naeemfirdous
  • Network management :How do you spell relief?

    I work at a global automotive manufacturer and they have offices all over the globe, and one of the ways we use our network management for is capacity planning. For example, if I have a plant in Bejing China, I can se...
    craig schnarrs
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  • Custom Chart Permissions

    I have a created two custom charts to monitor transmit and receive on critical fiber interfaces. These charts are populated by the SQL below. I am able to see the data correctly but individuals without admin rights re...
    created by djobrien
  • Worldwide map (a little bit) broken after upgrade to NPM 10.7

    Hi   After upgrading my NPM to version 10.7, I've found that the (Excellent!) worldwide map feature is a little bit broken.... while all of it's functionality is still intact, the map itself is only partially d...
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  • AppInsight for SQL - Not able to change some component monitors - stuck on "Loading component editor settings"

    Is it normal for some of the components in the AppInsight for SQL SAM template and application to remain grey and stuck on the message "Loading component editor settings" when you attempt to view or edit them?  F...
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  • Options missing / nonfunctional from node Custom Charts driven by SQL queries

    Hello,   In the past, I wrote a report that uses a SQL-driven query to make a chart for the number of clients connected to each of the wireless access points on the wireless controller.   Query: SELECT &n...
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  • Identify which node is assigned to which Windows credentials

    Open for Voting
    8 votes
    As of now under Windows credentials we can only view the count of nodes assigned to a Windows credentials, I couldn't find a easy way to extract the node details associated to each of these windows credentials from DB...
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  • EIGRP support

    Open for Voting
    96 votes
    EIGRP Support EIGRP for routing neighbors/changes.
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  • Role Based Access Control

    What We're Working On
    35 votes
    We'd like to expand the product to non-admin users, but the lack of role based access presents major issues.  It would be nice to have the ability to control access to specific dashboards & widgets through an...
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  • Add the ability to see historical client count data for Cisco Wireless Controllers

    Hello all,   As many of you know SolarWinds has not yet implemented a means of being able to track the historical data regarding Cisco access points that are handled through a Cisco wireless controller (from now...
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