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WMI statistic data inaccurate?

I have been trying to wrap my head around wmi for the last couple of days, but I have not been successful.   The thing that is bothering me is that none of the wmi performance monitoring counters return valid statistics.   I never see anything in any of the fields that APM is trying to monitor.

 Digging deeper into WMI than I wanted to, I have found that Win32_PerfrawData actually mirrors perfmon pretty closely.  But on my machines, Win32_PerfFormattedData mostly returns zeros.  Since most of the WMI Counters with APM require the cooked data, none of the statistics are even close.  All I get are Zeros.

 Is anyone else seeing this, or is this a drawback to the wmi counters?   This occurs with all my servers.



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    I had a similar issue and someone provided me with the following advice and it worked. If nothing else it can't hurt. 

    I had some trouble getting WMI data from the scanners and needed some or all of this done:

    dcomcnfg - pane Default Properties on my computer - Set default Impersonation level to Impersonate

    In the folder: C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem run these:

    winmgmt /clearadap
    winmgmt /kill
    winmgmt /unregserver
    winmgmt /regserver
    winmgmt /resyncperf

    wmiadap.exe /f

    If it still does'nt work - stop WMI service - delete all content of folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem\Repository and start service.

    Hope you find this useful.

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      I have done all that, it still does not work.   Digging deeper, I get information from WIN32_PERFRAW, but not WIN32_PERFFormatted.  I found out that I can get good information from Formatted if I use a iRefresher.  I can verify that using wbemtest.

      So my questions are these.  Does APM successfully pull information for anyone using any Win32PerfFormatted Enum and is anyone getting actual valid data using the Exchange 2007 template, the SQL Server 2005 (apm 2.0) template, or the IIS template?

      If so, then I guess I have something wrong.  Else I wonder if APM is pulling good data.   All I get now are 0's.