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Solarwinds SQL Database Manager


Hello Friends.


This is my first post on Thwack.. i have been around thwack from more than a year but never tried to post a question.


My question is on SQL Database manager.... I know its a cool tool to take backup and its so easy to backup and restore solarwinds database....


Now what i question is, can i backup any other SQL Databases (related to other app example vCenter Server) with help ot Solarwinds SQL Database Manger ??????

because i find its very easy to backup with the help of this tool..


Waiting for your replies...


Thanks in Advance...


Best Regards.


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    Congratulations on your first post and I'm glad you like our DB Manager! Long term we will probably move away from it, but it certainly makes some tasks easier. Although it wasn't built specifically for this, yes you can attach to other, Non-SolarWinds databases with it.



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      Just curious, but what would SolarWinds move to if and when they move away from the Database Manager? There are many benefits to having the direct visibility into the database tables and many of us (if not most) are not SQL experts and might not have access to the Management Studio.