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Solarwinds & SMS Server




I'm new to Solarwinds.


I have the following scenario:

- I have Solarwinds to monitor the nodes across the whole corporate.

- I have SMS server; which is able to send and receive SMS and to manipulate it directly via database commands or via applications code.

- Suppose I'm driving on the way and some node went down; the system will keep sending alerts, I want to send an SMS which will go to the database of the SMS server and I want in someway to trigger an action which will stop sending alerts from Solarwinds; so the status of the down node is acknowledged.


I Have no idea about the Solarwinds database; where to go in this case? I believe that there is a field in some table as status; the value of this field should be updated so the alerting will stop.


Your help is highly appreciated.



Kindest regards,


Feras Besso