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How to setup to poll for UCS


How do I setup my ucs so I can poll for ucs with solarwinds?

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      I am having the same problem. I went through the cisco documentation, but my NPM is not seeing the services. something isn't right.

      Anyone have info on the configurations for SNMP on the CUCM linux boxes? I'm running 8.6 CUCM and 8.6 CUP. I have enabled SNMP service.

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        I was able to add my virtual ip as the main node and fabricate A both using snmp and poll for UCS. However on my fabrik B controller I'm not able to poll for ucs? the test fails. It works for snmp and I did a copy and paste with the same username and password as fabric A. Is there something I need to do to get it to work on fabrik B?

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          I have same "issue". Any fix found?

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            Hi guys,


            can you somehow summarize what problem do you experience here? Is it about adding the UCS into orion or setting up the UCS to be able polled by orion?


            I will try to help you then.




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              Thanks for reply. My issues is:


              I can add virtual IP (treated as a node) in SW using Ping & UCS polling, SNMP not working

              I can add primary Fabric Interconnects A in SW using SNMP & UCS polling.

              I can add secondary Fabric Interconnects B in SW using SNMP only, UCS polling not working.

              Is this just natural or issues with SW?


              I also assign the following views in Node Details view of the 3 nodes

              Customize Node Details -.jpg

              The results are:  From Virtual-IP node & Primary Interconnects A




              I also created a customised view page -  UCS Chassis Details, which shows Fan & PSU information

              UCS Chassis Details - chassis-1.jpg

              Any idea, why Fan & PSU information is not shown in Node Details page? and no result for Blades?



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                Hi hcy01uk,


                I will try to answer your questions but first of all let me summarize UCS polling in NPM.

                We use UCS polling only for the UCS itself (Virtual IP node in your case) and all the UCS information are polled from this node. Fabrics or blades are added as a "ordinary" nodes into NPM (without UCS polling). PSUs and Fans are polled only for Chasses because they do not exist on UCS as it is just virtual node.


                And back to your state,

                Virtual IP - you don't have to add it as snmp for UCS information - this is ok

                FI1- you can uncheck the UCS polling (I think it has same IP as the virtual IP so the UCS test passed) because it is polled as ordinary node

                FI2 - it is ok that you can not turn on the UCS polling here (above)

                PSU and Fans are empty (hidden) because they are polled only on chasses and not UCS.

                Blades are servers listed under the chasses (cdo-c1-b1...) they can be added to NPM as nodes.

                That customized view is in fact same as UCS Chassis Details which you can reach by clicking on the chassis name in Chasses & Blades resource.


                I hope it help a bit.




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                I am polling both by VIP, and physical addresses the FI and still do not see the FI power supplies - I just snmpwalked it with support and the oid's on the 6200 series looks different from what Solarwinds developed the resource against for 6100 series. Unless I am mistaken this means the information is just being ignored.

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      Thank you for the link to the guide. It's a great help