6509 Temp Table

This will show the name of each module that has a temp monitor. Download this file and my Cisco 2811/6509 temp UnDP, assign them to your 6509s, then edit the Node Details view and add the Tabular Universal Device Poller. Edit the Tabular Universal Device Poller by going to the node details page of your 6509, Scroll down to the Universal Device Poller and click on edit, you will need the following for it to work correctly:

Put a check in ciscoEnvMonTemperature, ciscoEnvMonTemperatureStatusDescr, and all. In the Select the poller from which labels are taken  section, select ciscoEnvMonTemperature, and hit submit.


The output show look like:

Tabular Universal Device Poller

ciscoEnvMonTemperature - LabelciscoEnvMonTemperatureStatusDescrciscoEnvMonTemperature
1VTT 1 outlet temperature31
2VTT 2 outlet temperature28
3VTT 3 outlet temperature25
4module 5 outlet temperature25
5module 5 inlet temperature20
6module 5 device-1 temperature29
7module 5 device-2 temperature29
8module 5 asic-1 (SSO-1) temp21
9module 5 asic-2 (SSO-2) temp21
10module 5 asic-3 (SSO-3) temp21
11module 5 asic-4 (SSO-4) temp21
12module 5 asic-5 (SSA-1) temp21
13module 5 asic-6 (HYPERION-1) temp21
14RP 5 outlet temperature24
15RP 5 inlet temperature24
16EARL 5 outlet temperature28
17EARL 5 inlet temperature22
48module 6 outlet temperature23
49module 6 inlet temperature21
50module 6 device-1 temperature28
51module 6 device-2 temperature29
52module 6 asic-1 (SSO-1) temp21
53module 6 asic-2 (SSO-2) temp21
54module 6 asic-3 (SSO-3) temp21
55module 6 asic-4 (SSO-4) temp21
56module 6 asic-5 (SSA-1) temp21
57module 6 asic-6 (HYPERION-1) temp21
58RP 6 outlet temperature25
59RP 6 inlet temperature21
60EARL 6 outlet temperature29
61EARL 6 inlet temperature22
92module 1 outlet temperature44
93module 1 inlet temperature24
148module 3 outlet temperature39
149module 3 inlet temperature24
288module 8 outlet temperature29