• Cisco UCS FI 6200 + UCSM 2.2

    Does anyone have a Cisco Fabric Interconnect specifically type 6248 running with UCSM 2.2 working successfully using the native SW UCS poller?   I'm expecting to see the same information about my blades etc as ...
    created by will_f1
  • Hourly log file rotation (Kiwi Syslog)

    Hello,        I''ve tried searching the forum but was unable to find an answer to this specific issue. I just setup Kiwi Syslogd (paid) and have been testing logging from some firewalls. Whil...
    created by layer4down
  • Exporting custom views and reports

    Looking to rebuild our VM and STM instances soon (bigger better) and don't want to have to go through the pain again of setting up our custom views and reports created. Not to be confused with having a report publish...
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  • Announcing Beta for Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)

    We are very excited to talk to you about this feature packed Beta of Database Performance Analyzer (DPA). Since there is so much in this Beta, we will be covering the features in multiple blog posts.  In this pos...
    created by kathleen.gibbs
  • How is the speed of your web interface?

    Hey, just wondering how the speed of everyones' web interface is on their products? Let me know down below! If you have any tips to make my SW web interface perform better, also let me know please!
    created by kevincrouch4
  • Manage End-of-Life Information for Your Devices with NCM!

    As described in this blog post, SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager v7.2 has reached Beta status. In the meantime, we have been working on further enhancements and improvements. One of the features we focused on ...
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  • Allow non-admin users to configure IPSLA operations

    Open for Voting
    33 votes
    We are facing the same problem with some of our customers that are using VNQM: they need to allow to create IPSLA operations to some users that don't have  admin credentials, and the only solution is to give them...
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  • Who is the Hottest Red Head

    created by mwalters26

    Is it a good idea to have a check box against each of the logs in Orion Diagnostics ? This would provide more flexibility to an admin who can select only the logs which needs to be captured under Solarwinds Diagnostics.
    Vinay BY
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  • Wired vs Wireless endpoints

    From UDT endpoint tracking perspective, what is the ratio between endpoints connected to physical ports vs. wireless endpoints connected to your network?
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  • Shout If You Are Using Database Analyzer for SQL Server!

    Quick survey
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  • Do you want SolarWinds to provide you premium assistance with upgrade to NCM 7.3 Release Candidate? (Limited offer ;-)

    We are looking for customers who would like to upgrade their production NCM environment to 7.3 Release Candidate. Since upgrade to v7.3 may be a bit more complex than usually, we offer special assistance from NCM engi...
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  • Calling All IT Heroes!

    We need photos of IT Pros like you for our website - solarwinds.com. We're looking to feature our thwack community members in their real-life work setting—working in the server room, fixing a problem, helping a ...
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  • Gamers

    On the back of the recent gamers poll, I wanted to see what people think of the difference between COD and Battlefield, which one do people think is the better franchise
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  • Still using Windows Server 2003?

    I know everyone is probably aware of windows XP being end of life now and have migrated off of it hopefully or at least have plans to do so, but what about your older server infrastructure? Windows Server 2003 is set ...
    last modified by belthasarx
  • Changing the list resources for multiple nodes.

    There should be an option to modify the resources that are being monitored on multiple nodes at same time. Example we can see new features being introduced and we need to add these on multiple nodes that are already a...
    last modified by naeemfirdous
  • E-Mail/Page Action

    First off I'm new to Solarwinds and I'm trying to figure a few things out.......   I've set up an E-Mail/Page Action with the following: Node : ${NodeName} Type : ${Node.MachineType} Node IP : ${Node.IP_Address...
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  • Cisco Nexus Hardware(Fan, Power Supply & Module) Alerts

    Open for Voting
    26 votes
    Hi Team,   It would be great if NPM can poll for Cisco Nexus devices Hardware(Fan, Power Supply & Modules) & provide results. As most of them are moving towards Cisco Nexus for datacenters and every comp...
    last modified by vasu.vk
  • One change multiple events

    When I make a single change by adding some text to a file that LEM-FIM is monitoring, I receive 5 different events in LEM; however, I am not sure I see a huge difference between the data that is available in those eve...
    last modified by byrona
  • Serv-u auto populate email on file share page

    We just setup the serv-u MFT and file share app.  I have it connected to a WIndows AD domain via Windows Authentication in the interface.  I noticed that it doesn't populate the email address nor their name ...
    last modified by cptkirkh