• Network Management stops finger pointing..

    Network management is good, but there are some benefits that are not so apparent at first. It gives you the proof you need when that person calls the help desk and says “the network is slow..” at this poin...
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  • What we are working on with Engineer's Toolset v11.0

    With the release of ETS version 11.0 getting closer, here is a small summary of what our team has done in a past couple of months. Thanks to your votes in the surveys and a number of interviews, we’ve identifie...
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  • How Does Mean Opinion Score Measure VoIP Performance?

    Users describe call experience as ‘good’ ‘ok’ ‘poor’ ‘bad’ ‘terrible’. And call experience is defined by the elements of voice quality and the network factor...
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  • Server & Application Monitor - What We're Working on Beyond v6.0

    To receive updates on the SAM roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.   The mad scientists of the SAM team have now fully recovered from the marathon release that was SAM 6.0; and as such it is time once ag...
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  • Deep Packet Inspection: Unearthing Gold in Network Packets

    Deep packet inspection (DPI) is a technology used to capture network packets as they pass through routers and other network devices, and perform packet filtering to examine the data and find deeper information about t...
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  • [Survey] How has Heartbleed affected you?

    Whew!  What a week it has been.  A lot of heartburn over the Heartbleed vulnerability for many.  We're interested (and we hope you are as well) in getting beyond the hype and understanding how it is eff...
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  • Hello Interop, Farewell “IT Beast” Graphics

    Now that I’ve had a chance to settle in after five weeks on the road, I wanted to take a moment to write about our visit to Interop in Las Vegas this year.  While SolarWinds always exhibits at Cisco Live in...
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  • Patch Manager Managed Computers Node Explained

    One of the questions encountered often by new users of Patch Manager is the purpose and uses of the Managed Computers node in the console. The Managed Computers node is the collection of all Patch Manager servers, ...
    Lawrence Garvin
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  • Virtualization Manager 6.1 Beta 3

    As bmrad pointed out in the Beta 1 Post, we've been working really hard to extend the integration with NPM and SAM introduced  in Virtualization Manager 6.0.  The team has been hyper-focused on simplifying c...
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  • The network is fine.. or is it?

    It's amazing, I used to think, my network was running pretty well, a few hiccups now and then, but by and large, I got by and thought everything was business as usual, the boss would ask me: "Craig how is the netw...
    craig schnarrs
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  • Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

    Hi there! I’m michael stump, a technology consultant with a keen focus on virtualization and a strong background in systems and application monitoring. I hope to spark some discussion this month on these topics ...
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  • Rise of the Hybrid Engineer

    Last week, we had a great conversation on finger-pointing, and some of you shared real-world advice on how to avoid it. Most of the comments described a work environment that was still tied to the stove-piped organiza...
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  • What We're Working On - Web Performance Monitor

    To receive updates on the WPM roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.   With the official release of WPM 2.0.1 the WPM team is working hard to build several new and exciting features including:   Impr...
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  • Considerations to Keep in Mind When Monitoring Services Containing SaaS Apps

    According to Forrester, the SaaS application and software market is expected to reach $75 billion in 2014. Forrester goes on to quote that the, “browser-based access model for SaaS products works better for coll...
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  • Orion Architecture

    This blog recaps in relatively simple terms and diagrams, the basics of Orion’s architecture.   It is obviously not exhaustive in terms of the products and the deployment combinations, but it will hopefu...
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  • Network Configuration Errors Putting Your Company and Your Job at Risk?

    A recent survey commissioned by Avaya reveals that network vulnerabilities are causing more business impacts than most realize, resulting in revenue and job loss. 80% percent of companies lose revenue when the net...
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  • SolarWinds Heartbleed impact roll-up - (Executive summary: Don't worry)

    SolarWinds takes security seriously, and in addition to performing exhaustive internal security testing, we do our best to respond swiftly to any reported issue. With the recent heartburn around Heartbleed, the develo...
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  • Tips to Manage Your Network with Ease (Part 2) - Basics of Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF)

    In the previous blog, we discussed how VLANs can help to effectively manage workstations, security, and bandwidth allocation. Managing VLANs becomes much easier for network admins when network traffic, user access, an...
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  • Database Response Time Analysis: Understanding Why The Database is Slow

    This is a very common predicament that most SQL developers and DBAs face in their day-to-day database encounters – regardless of the relational database platform being used. “Why is my database slow?&rdquo...
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  • Supporting the Vendor

    Over the last three weeks my posts have focused around end users and remote support tools. This time I want to focus on vendors. In theory you should love your vendors that you work with, there are an extension of you...
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