• mobile admin feeds for lockedout users

    Is there a way to filter the lockedout accounts to only those locked out within the past 24 hours?
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  • The Mobile Admin Server supports 25 concurrent users.

    In the install guide it states "The Mobile Admin Server supports 25 concurrent users."    This number seems a bit low.  Is anyone utilizing more than 25 concurrent users?  And if so, how is the p...
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  • Mobile Admin Support for Blackberry 10

    Hello Support,   Just curious when the native Blackberry 10 mobile admin app will be available?  I was trying to load the app in the "work" or BES profile.  If I try adding the App into BES I get the e...
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  • External access to mobile admin

    Does anyone use a webserver in the dmz to front mobile admin server? We are restricting VPN access to our network and switching to rds. So I need an alternative way to access mobile admin.
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  • Mobile admin User import

    is there a way to import users from active directory into mobile admin?
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  • Will Mobile Admin be offered in the Samsung KNOX store?

    Samsung KNOX   KNOX would allow us to use Mobile Admin securely on our corporate network.  It basically provides a separate "work" area on mobile devices that would have the access needed to make Mobile Adm...
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  • Recommend Mobile Admin on LinkedIn for 300 points!

    Let your colleagues know how impressed you are with Mobile Admin on LinkedIn and earn 300 points you can use in the thwack store.  Simply go to this link, recommend Mobile Admin, and then message DanielleH or ema...
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  • Mobile Admin 8.1 on Q10

    I am having an issue using MA 8.1 on a Verizon Blackberry Q10 running v10.1.0.4189.   The issue is when you SSH into a Unix system, and try to use special characters by pressing the SYM key.  It will not di...
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  • The Mobile Admin server must have a local Domino server....

    Found the technote below, unregistered and re registered the DLL but I have the same issue. The Rove server has a Domino instance on it and is up and running. R8.5.3 on Windows 2008 I also ran CMD elevated to run the...
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  • The Mobile Admin 8.1 Release Candidate is Here!

    Get it!   Go here for details on the release: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/solarwinds-community/product-blog/blog/2013/10/15/the-mobile-admin-81-release-candidate-is-here
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  • iOS 7

    I am running the latest Mobile Admin available via Apple App Store (v8.0.3) and are having issues logging in.   Once you launch the application, and select "Connect to a MA Server", and select "Connect" you only...
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  • What outbound ports should be open for Mobile Admin push notification?

    What outbound ports should be open for Mobile Admin push notification?
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  • Mobile Admin -  What We're Working On

    To receive updates on the Mobile Admin roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   Below is a list of items we're working on for the next release of Mobile Admin.  Let us know what you think. RDP support...
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  • Mobile Admin vs Dameware Remote Support

    eHi All, my company has bought into the Mobile Admin product, but I have recently seen the Dameware Remote Support app, which seems very similar in a way.  Can someone tell me what the main differences are to the...
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  • Mobile admin speed issues?

    I am not sure if its the phones that are the issue or the mobile admin software but when I try to do any task in MA it takes far to long.  Is there a known speed issue when working from the mobile admin client? &...
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  • Can Not Add Printers Service

    Anyone else having problems adding the Printers service in Mobile Admin?  I have 3 print servers.  Two printer servers are running Windows Server 2003 Standard.  The 3rd print server is running Windows ...
    Forrest Dean
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  • Mobile Admin_Dashboard-and-Notification.pdf

    Using Mobile Admin's Dashboard and Notification System
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  • Mobile Admin_Security.pdf

    Mobile Admin Security Features
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  • Mobile Admin_Datasheet.pdf

    Mobile Admin Datasheet
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  • Moblie admin intergration

    Hello All   This may be a simple question to post and i believe that i know the answer i just want to confirm what i believe. Can you install Mobile Admin Server on a different server, for example a Web server w...
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