• Wired vs Wireless endpoints

    From UDT endpoint tracking perspective, what is the ratio between endpoints connected to physical ports vs. wireless endpoints connected to your network?
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  • UDT Hostnames and IP Address stopped working

    Good Day All,   My situation is a bit different to the usual IP address and hostnames not displaying.   I had UDT working properly, hostnames, IP addresses, MAC addresses and VLANs were displayed.   ...
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  • Guest wifi endpoints

    I'm attempting to use UDT to track rogue devices, at this point I have added my wireless controller to the devices and am really pleased with the information it is displaying.  However, I don't want to track MAC ...
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  • Better Reporting

    When I get a listing by port, the generated PDF only displays the current page.  When you have over 100 pages, getting a complete report is basically impossible.  How about an export to Excel option so I can...
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  • IP Address & Hostname is not showing in UDT

    The IP Address & Hostname are not showing in the UDT V 3.0 from Core switch (Cisco Model : WS-6509-V-E, IOS Version: V12.2(50r) Sys3). Please help me to figure out the issue. Thanks in advance.
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  • Device Tracker and Custom Properties

    I have two lists of switches that I want to monitor for ports available.  One group are the switches at our corporate location and the other group are the switches at our stores.  I need them separated in a ...
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  • What we are working on for UDT 3.1

    Dear all, Let me please update you with info what is our Dev team working on right now for UDT 3.1. The main focus of this release is the stability and performance of UDT in bigger environments.   To achieve th...
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  • NTA / UDT / IPAM integration

    Which of the following integrations would you welcome? ( examples of use cases provided, but feel free to add more! ) Thanks
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  • Automated port shutdown - what would be your reasons?

    There was a feature request for a UDT recently for an automated port shutdown, if the connected endpoint is on the "black list". What would be your other reasons, for which would you want to shut down the port? Lets'...
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  • UDT/IPAM Integration

    Hi,   We recently added UDT to our Orion implementation.  I've discovered that in IPAM, some subnets have the UDT Switch information populated, others do not.  When I add switches to UDT, do I also nee...
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  • UDT device report

    Im new to Solarwinds.  I just did a Network Sonar Discovery.  How can I quickly see a list of devices found...by MAC
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  • UDT Bugs x 2: Unmanaging a node, and MAC change/move TRAP notifications

    Has anyone else found problems with either of the following two scenarios:   Scenario 1 1. A node is currently managed in NPM and has all expected data in UDT, 2. The node is then either unmanaged, or UDT poll...
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  • Any ideas on configuring a windows server with snmp to work with solarwinds UDT software

    Any ideas on configuring a windows server with snmp to work with solarwinds UDT software?
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  • Error while post-processing job

    2014-03-17 16:11:05,347 [ 28] ERROR   -   Error while post-processing job '[N:1679|Layer2]' (444534af-823e-437f-88e2-c5ad2d096c34)  [SolarWinds.UDT.BusinessLayer.Polling.UDTLayer2ResultProcess...
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  • UDT and CISCO ASA's

    We have a substantial amount of properties segmented off by cisco asa and UDT can't pull ARP information like it can on a switch/router. Is there any plan to better poll ASA?
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  • All ports are "ethernet interface" after upgrade to UDT v3.0.2

    Upgraded from UDT 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 yesterday, now it looks like almost all of my interface names have been changed from "Unit x Port xx Gigabit" to "Ethernet Interface" .. I've got to drill down into the Port Details an...
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  • Port History SQL Query

    Hi, quick question, where is the port history (UDT:MAC+IP) stored in the SQL database? I'm building a Crystal Report using SQL queries and need to pull that but I don't see a view for it, I only see UDT_AllEndPoints w...
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  • Required OID's for UDT Layer 3 information

    This knowledge base article(and UDT documentation)   SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: User Device Tracker Compatibility Checker   states;     "Layer 3 Job StatisticsConsult these objects about endpoi...
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  • UDT Interface shutdown not working for Juniper switches?

    Hi,   I'm trying to use UDT to shut down ports on the Juniper ex2200 switches that I monitor. But when I select the port/interface that I want to shut down, I get this error message. It works fine with the H...
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  • Layer 2 Connection and Related Interfaces

    We are trying to integrate Layer 2 Connections from Solar Winds Orion into HP uCMDB. uCMDB follows ITIL rules and Layer 2 Connections must be related to 2 or more interfaces.   The dbo.NodeL2Connections table i...
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