• IIS reset with powershell

    Hi there,   i'd like solarwinds to automatically reset iis on a server if that server CPU goes over 50%.   The server is managed using WMI, and has powershell 2.0 installed, i have this script working loca...
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  • Simple Scripts Not Working

       Hi everyone! I have loaded up a test box and discovered it for NCM. I am now trying to run some test scripts to test things out but am having issues. I created a new script and copied all the info from a ...
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  • Problem with VB script to return number of files older than X

    I have the following script that I found that will check a directory for files that are older than 1 hour and return the number and file names. The script is working great but I need to add logic for it to also check ...
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  • Powershell Authentication Help Post Server 2012 R2 Upgrade

    Hello,   We've recently upgraded our VMWare vCenter server from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 and upgraded vCenter from 5.0.0 to 5.5.0.  Since then our SAM PS script that checks for snapshots (below) is failing with p...
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  • File Monitor

    Hello!   I'm fairly new to scripting and was looking at setting up my first file monitor.  Basically we have a file that is put on a server every day.  If the file is not there by 12:30pm each day, we ...
  • Migrating perl scripts to NCM. . . . .

    Hello everyone. We have recently purchased NCM and are working to migrate our "old" perl scripts into NCM. What do you think would be the best way to accomplish this?   Thanks, K
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  • Joining APM tables

    Has anyone figured out the schema to connect APM thresholds to the assigned application monitors, or the application monitor templates?   APM_Applications APM_ApplicationTemplate APM_ComponentTemplate APM...
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  • Monitor Oracle listener on Windows server with Windows Script Monitor

    I need some logic on monitoring a Oracle listener  (name: TNSListenerGW)  in a Windows Script Monitor , can anyone help ?   (I am a unix guy)
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  • Executing a VB script on a menu based switch

    I had posted in a different thread that I was looking to script changes to a 3Com 4400 for syslog. As those switches are menu based, when 'executing script' the commands were not waiting for the menu to change and the...
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  • 3Com 4400 script

    Newbie here, looking to script changes to create logging for syslog on menu driven 3Com 4400s. Commands are as follows when using menus from login:   sys man log   'The script gets messy as the inputs do...
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  • Memcache on Windows Server

    There is currently a monitor for Memcache on Linux. Do you have any suggestions on how to convert that script for  use on a windows server?
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  • Powershell script to Unmanage and Remanage nodes (100-150) by node name

    I need a PowerShell script to Unmanage and Remanage Production Servers (100-150) by node name in Solarwinds. Please assist as I am new to PowerShell and programming
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  • Need help to build powershell scripts for few tasks

    Since there are huge number of systems to be added to Solarwinds i need help to simplify my tasks. Basically the network has more no of IP enabled devices but we are looking for only 4-5 devices from every location, t...
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  • Lawson Has anyone setup Lawson to use Solar Winds for minitoring on AIX?

    Please give me feedback on steps to confiigure or write scripts.
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  • Powershell Monitor not going past Initial Poll

    I have a pretty simple Powershell script that isn't going past the initial poll but it tests out sucessfully, what could be the problem?   Monitor: $WarningPreference = "SilentlyContinue" $StrKey = "SOFTWARE\M...
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  • Powershell script for Trend Micro Virus Pattern File age monitoring

    Need to build a powershell script in a custom Orion SAM component monitor template that allows us to return a value of the number of hours or days a Trend Micro OfficeScan or Deep Security client is out of date/has no...
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  • Audit reports unused and unapplied access-lists – cisco ios devices.  Looking for cheap and easy if possible.

    I'm looking for a good method to find and report on unused and unapplied access lists.  Basically an audit tool or method.  This only involves Cisco IOS devices, (routers, ASA’s)   Any chan...
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  • Script to find two active instances of a process

    We have a third party application that will for an unknown condition spawn a second occurrence of it self. This causes a problem for user transactions. Does anyone have a script that will detect that there are two pr...
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  • Trend Micro OfficeScan monitor for Virus Pattern file out of date

    We want to be able to monitor and alert on Trend Micro OfficeScan or Deep Security clients virus pattern files when they are older than a certain number of days. I see there's an old thread on someone attempting to cr...
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  • sub-Interface mib parsing while keeping historical data and not having a UDP for each interface on every node.

    For example:  I would like to monitor interface output drops on all switches supporting "" where %%x is the interface ID and .1.0 is only what I would like to poll for.  ...
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